Christmas is a time for family, and every year each family will have traditions they can never break. 

From picking the perfect Christmas tree to baking enough mince pies to feed the entire street.

One tradition that so many families enjoy is watching their favorite Christmas-themed movie, from It's a Wonderful Life to Love Actually we all have one we have to watch. 

But recently new research has shown which festive films are the nation's least favourite. 

Swindon Advertiser: Some on the list may surprise you. (Pexel)Some on the list may surprise you. (Pexel)

The list comes after Uswitch analysed IMDB and found which films had the most negative reviews.

A few of the names on the list might surprise you, with Danny Devito's Deck the Halls at number four and Jamie Lee Curtis's Christmas with the Kranks at number ten.

See if you're favourite made the least liked Christmas movie list. 

Nations least favourite Christmas Movies:

  1. Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever
  2. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
  3. Deck the Halls
  4. Love the Coopers
  5. The Perfect Holiday
  6. Mixed Nuts
  7. Surviving Christmas
  8. A Christmas Prince
  9. The Nutcracker in 3D
  10. Christmas with the Kranks