THE possible return of a market to Swindon town centre has been largely welcomed by Adver readers.

But some have concerns that a new farmers' market would be too expensive.

The Towns Fund Board, which is managing five projects aiming to help regenerate central Swindon using nearly £20m of taxpayers' money, has decided to try and bring a market back.

The board was told £100,000 could be spent on holding a market of 45 stalls twice a week in Wharf Green, as well as a farmers' and high-quality foods market monthly and the prospect of big screens in use too.

We asked on Facebook whether readers thought this would be a good idea and here is a selection of the responses...

Dee Blockley: "Brilliant idea. Other towns have markets and they seem successful."

Claire Seager: "Yes absolutely, would be great to see."

Pam Christian: "Yes please as long as it’s a proper market and not an overpriced art and craft one."

Luke Bennett: "SBC must have a huge warehouse to store all these ‘plans’."

Helena Williams Bowie: "Why has it taken so long for the penny to drop?"

Lucy Jane Longhurst-Milham: "Yes! Bring back the doughnut van that used to be outside Iceland too!"

Patrick Connolly: "Most markets are a thing of the 1970s and don’t really have a place in the modern high street."

Sally Clark: "Please do, it needs some sort of healthy life!"

Keith Morgan: "Have never understood why the fruit and veg at so called farmers' markets (as some buy fruit and veg from wholesalers ) and give people the idea they’ve grown it is so expensive when surely they are selling without the middle men?"

Andrew Little: "You can get the so-called fresh fruit and veg they sell so much cheaper in a supermarket anyway. What a load of rubbish they sprout will never happen as usual, if it does will be about 10 stalls. How are they going to fit 45 stalls in such a small space."

Pam Perrett: "Yes that would be great if it ever happens."

Paul Francome: "No, we need a good normal market , not a overpriced farmers and craft market."

Danny Foyle: "Seems like lots of people like this idea, including myself. Just means it won't happen. SBC don't seem to like doing things that people want. But if it does, they could open it next year along the proposed cycle lane on Station Road that'll be left empty."

Stuart Moaby: "These farmers' markets are a joke.If money is no object then you'll probably be able to afford their over inflated prices.I'll go to the supermarket where its easier on the pocket."

Jeannette Phillips: "Yes this is a great idea, plus it would give a reason for people to go to town. Let's be honest there are more shops shut than open."

Barry Cox: "Good idea. Put it next to Savoy on the open space."

Sarah Selby: "Yes, the town centre needs all the help it can get."

Doreen Neads: "Brilliant. We really do need markets and Christmas markets to help the town get back on track – even farming markets."

Ellie Newton: "I live in Highworth and we have a lovely little market every Saturday, its perfect. Love a good market – lots of goodies but lots of stuff at good prices."

Angelina Charlotte: "Definitely – give people a reason to come into town centre!"