Thirty-seven talented dancers from Wootton Bassett School of Dance won big at a regional dance festival by securing the most medals of any dance school.

The dancers, ranging from five to 18, collected a haul of 109 medals and seven trophies from the Longwell Green and Kingswood Performing Arts Festival.

The school, which teaches children as young as two, provides group and private lessons in all genres including ballet, modern, tap and lyrical.

Dance instructor Vicky Lawrence said: "Lots of solos, duets, trios, quartets and groups qualified for the All England Regional Finals which is amazing.

"We are incredibly proud and ecstatic. It's the first time they've danced in a competition for two years because of Covid.

"They put hours and hours of hard work in and they loved every second of it. They're always dancing outside of the classes and their parents are great taking them to lessons.

"We like to include everyone for competitions so you don't get picked. If you want to do a dance you can!"

Friends Leina, Charley and Emma, who competed as a trio, said they were sometimes in the dance hall until 11pm and practised 12 hours a week to get ready for the festival.

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Melody won three trophies, including 'Most Promising Dancer' after competing in a whopping 18 dances.

She ended up winning nine gold medals and placed in 16 of her dances.

Another girl, Nicole, broke her arm two days before the festival but still came first in the Greek Solo dance.

The school's other three instructors, Miss Emily, Miss Kate and Miss Frank, were equally excited about the school's achievements.

Miss Emily added: "We have always wanted to win that cup for the most medals won. We haven't won it since 2007 but we came back with a bang after Covid!"

This was 14-year-old Leina's first festival yet she still managed to win a cup for her hip-hop solo. She, and friends Charley and Emma, danced in genres ranging from modern to classical to Greek and they have all qualified for dances at the regional final in May

Leina said: "It feels crazy to have won the cup but the other dancers are more of a family so even if I had failed I have my back up with them."

The final will be Emma and Charley's last competition for the WBSC before they move to university and college.

Charley said: "It was really fun to be back doing a competition so I'm looking forward to the final but it's always nerve-racking."

Emma added: "We will still come back and visit everyone because we love it so much.

"We're all so close, everyone in the dance school speaks with each other."