A SIX-MONTH pause before starting new roadworks has been called for by Labour councillor Jim Robbins.

Coun Robbins, who has been highly critical of long-delayed schemes at Mead Way and the Moonrakers roundabout, has introduced a motion to be debated and voted on by councillors tomorrow.

It calls for “a six-month pause on starting new projects to allow the overrunning projects to be completed and for the council to ensure the highways team is properly structured, skilled and resourced to manage large strategic projects.

If passed it would also mandate “at least two official diversions put in place for large projects and no planned works to take place on those diversion routes during the full length of the project” and that “clear and realistic dates are set for project completion, and they are met. Where challenges do occur, the council is much more open and transparent with residents and contact them by letter to their house to apologise, explain the delay, give the new completion date and the lessons learned.”