A DEER smashed off its own antlers after being frightened by fireworks.

It was one of many cases where animals were badly affected by the noise and light.

The RSPCA says it received 10,694 reports of firework incidents over the course of Bonfire Night and the following weekend.

Wildlife rescue centre RSPCA Oak & Furrows, near Cricklade, saw first-hand the effects of fireworks terrifying wildlife as volunteers were called out to the distressed deer.

A person who had gone to check on their horses because of firework concerns spotted the animal and notified the centre. It was running in circles in a field after becoming spooked by fireworks.

Deputy manager Anj Saunders said: “The young roe deer was found running in panicked circles because the fireworks were scaring him.

“He had his head stuck in a fence and was blind with shock. He had ripped both antlers out.

“One of our animal carers, along with a vet, brought him to the centre and gave him pain relief, anti-inflammatories and antibiotics for the wounds to his head and eyes.

“He will be kept quiet in our stable and he is resting with a lot of soft bedding to keep the pen as safe as possible for him while he can’t see.

“This situation will compromise him in the wild as he has lost his antlers, hopefully they will grow back but it won’t be this year.

“We are hoping his eyesight will return to normal, as this can be a side effect of shock for deer.

“It’s very frustrating for those of us who look after animals to see the effects of fireworks, and especially those which are set off totally irresponsibly near animals.”

RSPCA campaigns manager Carrie Stones said: “Sadly this year we have again heard many distressing stories of dogs, cats, horses and wildlife left in fear due to fireworks.

“Please, if you are planning to use fireworks as we head towards Christmas and New Year – use low noise options and let your neighbours know in advance.”

The RSPCA said a range of pets were affected, from dogs and cats and small furries to horses.

The charity has also received 64 calls to it’s cruelty line to report firework related issues in November alone.

The organisation is campaigning for more controls on fireworks to prevent situations like this.