“It’s never too late to get jabbed”, says Swindon’s health boss after figures released last week revealed 27,000 adults have still not received their Covid vaccine.

Swindon Borough Council’s director for public health Steve Maddern has issued advice for those struggling to book a vaccination appointment at STEAM Museum.

He said: “STEAM vaccinates between 6000 to 7000 people every week so if you’re unable to book STEAM on your first attempt then keep continuing to try doing so. They do release slots on a regular basis.

“There’s never a cut-off point to get vaccinated and if you are eligible for your booster, then take that opportunity to book it.”

He also highlighted the government’s change in testing guidance and encouraged people to take a lateral flow test if they’re going to high-risk crowded indoor places - even if that’s just shopping in the Brunel.

Professor Maddern added: “My advice would be if you’re going anywhere where you’re mixing with other people you don’t necessarily know, I would encourage you to do a lateral flow before.

“If you take places like indoor shopping centres, you’re coming into close contact with individuals, particularly during the Christmas period so lateral flow before you go.

“If you’re going to parties, ventilating those spaces has a significant impact on reducing the risk of transmission.”