A MISSING 2.5ft long python caused panic in a Moredon neighbourhood.

Corey Haddrell’s snake, Wilson, had waited until the 16-year-old was away at his mum's and the property in Abbey View Road was empty before making his bid for freedom.

When Corey returned home he noticed that Wilson had pushed the vent out of the back of his vivarium and the 18-month old reptile was now missing and on the run.

Dad Leigh Haddrell's partner Dean Fry explained that, to make matters worse, they were having work done on the house at the time – so Wilson could have been anywhere.

“The weekend before we had spent it decorating Corey’s room, and the final thing left to do was replace the carpets which we had half pulled up," said Dean, 43. "This had left the floor boards bare, which had exposed some holes. 

“We started looking through out the bedroom, clothes, bedding, turning the room upside down. We knew he would be somewhere nice and warm, so the gaps in the floorboards by the radiator pipes were an ideal hiding place.”

After not being able to find Wilson, Dean posted on Facebook to ask for a ‘snake charmer’ to find the scaly fugitive. 

Hundreds of people responded with helpful tips to find Wilson, while others were horrified to discover that a snake was loose in their neighbourhood. 

Dean said: “After looking through all of the bedrooms upstairs, we decided it was time to rip up some of the floorboards, searching using our mobile phones, trying to take videos to see if we could find Wilsons new base camp. 

"Day one turned into day four, we were at our wits end, by now going through the upstairs at least twice a day."

The family were starting to lose hope of finding Wilson, even after ordering an endoscopy camera to search under the floorboards. 

“By the fourth evening and having no luck with the wirecam I decided to treat us to a nice takeaway as the stress and sleepless nights were starting to take its toll,” Dean explained. 

But, when Corey went back upstairs after the meal he discovered that Wilson had handed himself in, returning to his enclosure which had been left open. 

Dean said: “We couldn’t believe it, where had he been? We will never know. Just glad he is back home. He soon settled back in after a bath, a drink and his supper a nice tasty rat. So now we can get back to decorating ready for Christmas, and no more holidays for Wilson either!

“I know are neighbours are glad he’s back, one thought Wilson was going to climb up her loo.”