As campaigners rejoiced over the decision to list the Oasis Leisure Centre's dome, Swindon Borough Council was less jubilant. 

Historic England's announcement that the iconic dome structure is now protected under a Grade II listing means landlord SevenCapital can't go ahead with its proposed rebuild of the leisure centre - which included demolishing the iconic structure.

The council has indicated that it now needs to sit down with SevenCapital to see what can be done despite the 'constraints' and indicated reopening the popular North Star site would be 'a lot more difficult.' 

Council leader David Renard said: “We have always been absolutely committed to a new, fit-for-purpose leisure facility on the site of the Oasis for local residents and visitors to enjoy, but there is no doubt the listing of the dome will make that process a lot more difficult, not to mention considerably more expensive.

“Our job now is to sit down with SevenCapital to see if there is any way it can bring forward a viable and sustainable plan for a modern facility on the Oasis site, despite the constraints that have been placed around the 1970s dome.”

But leader of the Labour group Jim Grant welcomed the decision and congratulated the Save Oasis Swindon campaigners on their victory

He said: "I’m delighted to hear that the iconic dome is to be saved, and look forward to Seven Capital coming forward with new plans to re-open the site with the dome at the heart of them.

"I agree that the dry-side wasn’t as architecturally important and hope that Seven Capital have some innovative ideas on what they can do to make the building and site sustainable.

"It is brilliant that a piece of Swindon’s heritage that is clearly loved will be around for more generations of Swindon residents to enjoy. Well done to all of the campaigners who worked so hard to make this happen."