A SNEAKY snake who escaped from his vivarium in Moredon caused quite a stir in Swindon this week.

The 2.5-foot long python Wilson slithered through a vent in the Abbey View Road then went out and about before returning home, much to the relief of his 16-year-old owner Corey Haddrell.

Hundreds of people responded with helpful tips to find the 18-month-old reptile, while others were horrified to discover that the snake was loose in their neighbourhood.

Adver readers reacted with a mixture of amusement and terror to Wilson's four-day adventure.

Emaria Hawkins: "Our snake did this, so glad he’s home. They are the best escape artists when they want to be."

Greg Spalding: "And mine! Even with the vents facing inward, he managed to get his snout round a cable and pull the vent into the viv,arium and he was off!

"Luckily I only have a small-ish flat so I knew he wouldn't be far. Found him inside the bass speaker of my surround sound."

Dean Fry: "Got comments online that we should be prosecuted? Comments by someone that clearly has no knowledge of the breed. We care for our pet and it's allowed to roam when we are their to watch him."

Catt Kayser: "Probably on top of the highest tree loving life lol. I hope you find him."

Jamaica Brett: "I hope he’s got his hat, scarf and gloves in this weather."

Georgia Percival: "Our python escaped in the summer when we had the back door wide open for hours!

"Searched everywhere to find that he was wrapped up in a bag of teddies under the stairs - big ol' babies."

James Fraser: "It’s a ball python - no one needs to be worried! These guys are docile as anything.

"Check warm sheltered places. Definitely won’t be at the top of a tree like someone else said."

Emmie Blackwell: "The reason why my snake Dexter has a middle name of Houdini.

"He has successfully escaped once and attempted three times once was by doing the same pushing the vent out, clever snakes."

Terri North: "He's just a little one, mine's nearly five feet. Please don't worry, it's only likely to hunt small rodents, etc, if hungry but if it had got out the house it would die as it's too cold.

"However, it's been found so no panic needed."

Courtney Rose: "They can live for months with no food and in the cold luckily. But glad it's been found."

'Swin10': "Ridiculous pet to keep - should be banned."

'Doxfords for ever': "Wild animals of this type should not be squashed into a converted fish tank with a couple of dead mice thrown in every day or so.

"If you want a pet then get one that can live free. Not stuffed in a cage or tank. Should be prosecuted."

'Deano Fry': "Ball pythons in the wild live in burrows in very small spaces, that's how they prefer to live.

"It is a vivarium specifically built for reptiles, and they feed once every one to two weeks. What would be the reason to prosecute?"

'Bumble Bee': Glad the snake came home. I have three myself so know the worry.

"As for the comments saying it should be banned, let's hope they don't have any pets themselves. Keeping any pet is cruel if you go by their logic."

'themagicroundabout': "If you keep an animal like this, you need to make sure it cannot escape.

"I'm sick of irresponsible pet owners."

'Umpcah': "I think snakes are the worst thing God ever created and I certainly don't want a two and a half foot one slithering into my back garden.

"That`s not to say others feel the same way but such pet owners should ensure that these creatures are unable to escape."

'M.T.R.Hedz': "In the meantime, thousands of owners of potentially lethal dog breeds that have been proven to kill people are allowed to walk them in public without comment.

"I'd be more worried about an eight-stone pit bull-type dog than a non-poisonous 2.5ft python."