A FORMER Honda manager turned grime artist is celebrating the release of his new album.

Abbey Meads rapper Paul Dowman, better known to fans as Grim Sickers, is enjoying success with his new album Sickers the Great which deals with heartbreak, depression and being a man in 2021.

Paul was stunned when the album he created during lockdown received 40,000 streams on its first day. His listening party before the release was attended by 500 people. But he said he wouldn’t be in this position without the support of his dad Wayne.

He was considering making a leap of faith from what he thought was a steady job at Honda to follow his passion in 2016 and it was his dad who helped him get there. “My dad is the one who really made me crack on with it. I was unsure whether to take it more seriously but he told me to stay with me while I create.

“So I took a year out and if it wasn’t for that year, I wouldn’t be where I am today. He changed my life and I’m so grateful for that. I could’ve done anything at Honda and I loved Honda. I’m very sad it’s shut but it got a bit repetitive for me so that’s why I left.”

Paul has collaborated with big names like JME and Mike Skinner over the years - but this new album is different. He said: “Through lockdown, I decided to be the headliner myself and evolve at my own rate. I’m not relying on bigger artists but I’m here now on my own.

“I think this album is more mature and has a good message for people. It’s open to all ages whereas before my stuff was aimed at younger people.

I’m more honest than I’ve ever been and I touch on taboo subjects like missing my missus and depression.”