SHOULD CCTV cameras be installed in all hackney carriages and private hire vehicles used around the borough?

Swindon Borough Council wants people in the area to voice their views as the local authority ponders introducing the policy.

The council previously considered doing this two years ago but progress was put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic and so that councillors could take into account the Department for Transport’s new statutory standards.

Now the standards have been published, the council is keen to consult members of the public, members of the trade, and other organisations before taking a final decision on whether cameras should be installed in these vehicles.

The consultation will run for eight weeks and members of the public have until Monday January 31 2022 to submit their views.

The results of the exercise will then be presented to the Licensing Committee for consideration on March 22 2022.

The camera survey can be found on the consultations page of the Swindon Borough Council website at the online address