POLICE are out in force on Swindon’s roads in the run up to the festive season in a bid to crack down on drink-drivers.

Officers are expected to be a constant presence on the main routes in the town as well as the rest of the county through December to make sure people are as safe as possible.

Setting up on Wotton Bassett Road on Friday night, officers from the roads policing team supported by Swindon’s neighbourhood policing team pulled in several drivers to check everyone was safe.

The Swindon Advertiser joined the teams to see what the police found on the cold, busy evening and how important the work was.

Among those vehicles pulled over was a rare DeLorean, made famous by the Back to the Future time-travel movies.

It is thought less then 200 of the 80s vehicle are still on the UK’s roads. Fortunately for the driver the only issue was a busted headlight and he was sent on his way.

Other drivers were not so fortunate, with one lowered Vauxhall Corsa owner given a £100 fine for not wearing a seat belt after initially being pulled over also for a failed light.

But he could have faced a longer night than that, when officers discovered his tyres were not only stretched over wheels too large, but the rear tyres were actually rubbing on the wheel arches too.

Usually this would have meant officers instantly taking the vehicle of the road and the driver getting it towed at their expense. But the team let him off with a warning to get it fixed before driving again as he only lived around the corner.

Sgt Leigh Mayhew, 17 years in the force and six on the roads policing team, said they employed discretion when appropriate, but they knew the importance of staying vigilant and maintaining that visible presence on the roads.

“We are the people that go around to families and say their loved one has just died," he said.

"Everyone of those visits has stuck with me all this time It does affect you. It can be traumatic.

“It’s amazing what you find out there. We had a 55-year-old woman who had been driving since she was 17, without a licence.

“People have fallen out of their cars blind drunk. One who blew 182 (six times the limit) but had only been drinking the night before. People falling out of the car.

“It makes you think, what would happen if we hadn’t have stopped them.”

Neighbourhood policing team sergeant Andy Poole added these operations were vital as it reminded people of the risks of drinking and driving, even if only slightly.

“It’s important to remember even if you blow under the limit, it doesn’t mean your driving is not impaired by alcohol," he said.

"“If people see the police camped on a certain road, that stays with them for years. And that can make a huge difference.

"And you can always spot those that have been drinking as well. They think they are driving fine but in reality they are driving 15mph.

“We have seen so many excuses over the years but it is just not worth it.”