PEOPLE visiting nightclubs and large venues will now have to show proof of having two Covid-19 vaccines or a negative result from a recent lateral flow test before being allowed to enter.

This has been welcomed by some in the leisure sector. Manni Madhani used to manage The Bank on Wood Street, which is a popular destination for revellers on a night out in Old Town.

He said: “The Bank has brought it in because if people want to go out and socialise, they are going to worry, but having the pass means you will be in a safe environment and that’s reassuring for customers, especially with this new variant.

“It will protect vulnerable people and allow people to make the most of Christmas, and it’s easy to manage because it’s all on your phone.

“Restaurants should be included too - if you are going to have this passport scheme, do it all in one go - then people might stop cancelling bookings.” 

One of the biggest venues in Swindon is the Wyvern Theatre, which can host around 600 people for performances and shows. However, as the audience will be seated during these events, there is no need for a Covid-19 vaccine pass requirement.

A spokeswoman told the Adver: “We are currently not requiring audiences for Jack and the Beanstalk in the Wyvern Theatre or The Ho Ho Ho Show at Swindon Arts Centre to evidence their Covid status.

“We are following all government guidelines and the present criteria for evidencing is for indoor events with 500 or more attendees, where those attendees are likely to stand or move around for all or part of the event, both of our venues are fully seated. 

“Our website will be regularly updated as guidance changes and we are advising audiences to check before they visit for the latest information -”

Some Adver readers supported the vaccine passports safety measure while a few complained about it limiting their freedoms.

Robert Coe said: “We’ve had health passes here in France since June. Must say it works really well. If you don’t feel you can have the vaccine, then you shouldn’t put others at risk.”

Hayley Leinster-Poole added: “You shouldn’t be shut out of things because you feel uncomfortable about injecting something into your body.”

Kathleen McCarten said: “I’m happy for it to be a thing. I’m fully vaccinated. You have to be vaccinated to go on holiday to certain countries, so why not?”

Dani Doo said: “I’ll boycott those places and encourage others to.”

Tom Donovan said :”It’s fine, get the vaccine and stop complaining.”

Wayne Prior said: “I’ll stop going to the venues.”

Michelle Donovan said: “I don’t see the problem. People are not being forced to be vaccinated. They can provide a negative test instead.”

Derrick Miles: “Yes, if it stops the virus spreading. Everything we do could save lives or destroy people lives. Be sensible. Stay safe.”