A SWINDON entrepreneur is among the favourites to win The Apprentice this year.

Kathryn Burn, who has launched her own pyjama business, currently has a 4/1 chance of winning the series, according to Online Betting Guide.

Her odds have improved since the first week when she was given a 5/1 chance of becoming Lord Sugar’s apprentice.

Francesca Kennedy-Wallbank is out in front with 3/1 odds and Akshay Thakrar is level with Kathryn at 4/1. 

Further research shows that Kathyrn’s Instagram following has grown by over 5,000 followers since the series started up again.

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Kathryn was the winning team leader from the show’s first task last week when the teams had to pitch an idea for a cruise trip.

There was controversy when she picked the brand name ‘Bouji Cruises’ even though some of her team members didn’t know what ‘bouji’ actually meant.

Kathryn was safe again this week when project manager Francesca led the girls to victory. They had to market a toothbrush for children aged between six and eight. 

There were some tense words between Francesca and Kathryn in the boardroom about decisions regarding the final product.

But there were lots of smiles from the girls when they spent an afternoon in Chelsea with afternoon tea as part of the prize handed out by Lord Sugar.

Kathryn said: “I came forward with the idea for the logo so I think I really contributed to the sub-team.”