A Swindon couple who pitched their unique beer brand for women on the latest episode of Dragons’ Den say they are “grateful” for the opportunity to showcase their products to a wide audience.

Although the Dragons did not invest in their business, co-founders Keeran and Vaani VetriKo said the episode gave a “huge boost” to their company Neitiv, which launched in March.

The popular show allows entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to business leaders with the hope of investment, and has been running for 18 series.

In the show, the VetriKos tried to sell them on the beverage with ‘coconut flower drops’ as its main ingredient.

The product is marketed for women, to challenge the stigma of them drinking beer, and a pack includes eight bottles of Coconut Flower Beer for Women, a coconut-scented candle and a mindfulness colouring card with a meditation guide. 

“In many cultures around the world, beer is still considered an immoral drink for women. Even in the UK, beer is perceived as a male drink,” Vaani told the Dragons.

“It’s not just a drink it’s an experience. For example, lighting up your candle, relax yourself, drink a beer and just chill.”

The newest and youngest Dragon Steven Bartlett wasn’t convinced by the idea.

He said: “Do you think beer is a mindfulness product? Isn’t alcohol a depressant?”

Another Dragon Sara Davies added: “In a way I look and I think you’re absolutely onto something here...but if someone offered me a vodka business at a yoga retreat I would think they’re barking mad.”

The taste also split the Dragons. Deborah Meaden liked the drink whereas Touker Suleyman said he couldn’t work out if it was “medicine or beer”. 

In the end, the price of £32.40 for eight beers was a sticking point the Dragons couldn’t ignore. 

Touker said: “You’ve got a premium beer that costs twice as much as other premium beers. It’s not going to work.”

The couple were not dismayed however and revealed the company website had 10 times more traffic during the episode.

Vaani wrote in her blog: “Only very selective entrepreneur pitches are aired on the TV show so we are grateful our pitch was aired in the second episode.

“We are confident we will only grow faster and better due to this experience.

“The cost of being eco-friendly, ethical and quality is reflected on our pricing.”