Tanks were spotted being transported down the M4 this morning.

A motorist making their morning commute to Swindon saw the impressive sight of four tanks being transported.

They said that the slow-moving vehicles caused traffic to have to slowdown and created pinched points as people attempted to overtake. 

"There was quite a sudden breaking in the traffic on the M4 caused by the pinch point of getting around the large vehicles. Drivers were putting their hazard lights on to warn traffic further down the carriageway," they said. 

"Passing them they were pretty impressive to look at, really foreboding vehicles. Something a little different for the morning commute."  

It's unclear where the tanks were heading, but there are a number of military bases in Wiltshire. 

People travelling on the M4 towards Swindon will often spot army vehicles on the road, but it's not often they'll come across a tank, let alone four of them.

A tank on the M4 previously made headline news in 2016 when the transporter that was carrying it broke down and was stranded on the hard shoulder, closing two lanes to traffic. 

Swindon Advertiser:

Motorists then did a double take as the tank had to be driven off of the transporter so that a tire could be changed and then driven back on.