Our archive pictures of workers at Garrard back in the day, prompted some happy memories for readers.

Once one of the main employers in the town, it had an international reputation for the high quality of its record players, but it shut down 40 years ago this year.

Original Garrards, which were made by a skilled workforce, are still sought after on the internet.

Readers remembered the Christmas parties organised for families, the social events, that having a Garrard turntable was cool and the slow decline that followed when Plessey took over.

Here’s what some of them had to say...

Gary Sloman: “My mum and two sisters worked at Newcastle street and my dad and I worked at Garrards Blunsdon.”

Paul Hackett: “Bloody ‘eck. I used to sell this local rag to the workers on there way out of the factory.”

Christine Knox: “I was 16 when I started there.

"Left when it closed went over to Cheney manor then.

“All so mum and sister my dad and brother worked at Blunsdon.”

Jason Casey: “Our Mum worked there use to dip the players in lead / acid no health and safety in them days.

“She is 86 now and still talks about her days there.”

Maureen Mogs Smart: "My mum, dad and aunt all worked there too."

Andy: "My dad started at Garrard after leaving the RAF in 1946 (I think, it might have been in 45).

"He started working as an engineer at the labs in Blunsdon and was responsible for one of the first British stereo pickups.

"Through promotion, he ended up in sales (and finished in sales management) and used to travel the world, regularly.

"He moved to the Kembrey Street offices and I remember the very large Christmas parties the company used to put on for families.

"When Plessey took over, the company started it's decline and dad was eventually made redundant.

"After a fair bit of stress and worry he eventually found a similar role with US pick-up cartridge manufacturers, Shure Electronics (see the trend?) and stayed with them until his retirement.

Sandra Hollands: “My mum worked there I was reading the Adver today to her she was 86 Sunday.

She said she had some great times there in Newcastle Street and Cheney Manor.

Sharon Disbury: “If I remember correctly this is where my mum and dad met.”

Valerie Carroll: “My mum worked there, and me, in Newcastle Street.

“Loved working in there and they had a little shop on the corner that repaired your shoes. Good old days

Angela Langcaster: “I worked in the pickup assembly making up the arms.”

Lorraine Clarkson: “Great memories.”

Andy McMullin: “My Mum enjoyed working there.”