News that the popular Build-a-Bear Workshop in the Designer Outlet had closed unexpectedly dismayed many readers - including those who had bought vouchers and not had a chance to use them.

The shop, which opened in September 2015 and created 22 jobs, was a favourite with families and occasionally the scene of long queues when it ran events where people could customise teddies and just pay the equivalent of the age of the child they were intended for.

Build-a-Bear Workshops was started 25 years ago and built up to 500 branches around the world.

Here's what readers - many of them mums - had to say about the closure...

Melissa Willoughby: "Why the hell have they done that it was always busy when we went in there."

Hannah Elizabeth Sullivan: "My daughters favourite place always loved to go every time we came and given a choice she chooses to go here such a shame."

Charley Rose Garrett: "Oh nooo I was gunna take my daughter for her birthday!"

Danielle Louise: "Flipping hell another shop taken away from the kids in Swindon anything else.

Holly Farrow-Moss: "That's my half term plans out the window then."

Kirsty Druett: "Oh no, that’s where they wanted to spend their Xmas vouchers."

Emma Meatheringham: "Wish they had told me when I spent nearly 150 quid."

Kraig Day: "At least the Smyths toys should open soon."

Charlie Stephen Hudson: "Obviously not that popular."

Neil Hyatt: "No more being screamed at to buy a scented, barking sloth with a suitcase, bikini, sunglasses and superman cape for £150 then." Shame.

Sheila James Mitchell: "That’s a shame. Another shop gone!"

Katherine Browner: "Noo we go build a bear every Christmas Eve. The kids r gunna be gutted."

Gemma Stokes: "Shame for the kids, good for me purse."

Dawn Rossiter: "Noooo was going here at the weekend!"

Kimberley Tribe: "Place is a rip off."

Liz Middleton: "Never stays for long in Swindon, always happens, sucks."

Shannon O'Sullivan: "Glad I live in London now where we have loads of them!"