Town has lost sparkle

What a dismal place to live now. What is there to encourage people from the suburbs and elsewhere to visit?

Yes we have Steam, an excellent museum, but not everyone is interested in railways (or can afford to go).

How I would love to take grandchildren, friends and family to visit the crocodile, mummy and works of art at the Art Gallery and Museum, and have a wonderful swim and play at the Oasis.

Development of large new estates have crept out to the north, south, east and western peripherals of Swindon, yet the town itself has shrunk in terms of what it has to offer anything of cultural and recreational value to newcomers of all ages.

There should be more to a town centre than bars, restaurants and an expensive theatre.

Linda Lee

Clydesdale Close


Scouts good for two

Scouts are at the heart of the community here in Swindon, helping young people step up and gain skills for life.

But this is only possible when we have enough volunteers to support them. Now, what I’ve found is that volunteering is good for you. It’s good for your skills and CV, your wellbeing and your local community too.

The research backs this up. Over three quarters of volunteers (77 per cent) tell us they found volunteering improved their mental health and wellbeing, while two thirds say it makes them feel less isolated. And we all need that in these dark winter months.

Starting on February 22 we’re starting a new campaign in Swindon called #GoodForTwo. This is all about sharing the fun and friendship of Scouts with a friend. Volunteers and young people in Scouts right across Swindon will be asking a mate to come along and try it for themselves.

So if someone asks you to come along – don’t be shy. It’s a chance to make new friends, learn new skills and most importantly, have some fun. And that’s a promise.

Ellie Simmonds OBE

Paralympic Champion and Scout Ambassador

Gas solution is beneath our feet

One of the reasons for a huge increase in gas prices is that this country declined to investigate and exploit the probable huge gas resources we have under our feet.

As a result we have to import much of our gas from unreliable sources such as Russia.

Whatever the “green lobby” suggests, this country (and the world) will rely on gas for decades to come. Wind power provides a lot of electricity but only when the wind is blowing.

The shortfall for when there is no wind is made up by gas.

The solution to high gas prices could be beneath our feet !

David Chandler

Alma Place


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