Ross Noble is a comedian best known for his seemingly random presentation when performing.

But even his patented style of zany and bizarre comedy struggled to compete with events taking place offstage.

Performing to a sold-out Wyvern crowd last week Ross Noble opened with a crowd-pleasing projection video urging people to 'Turn off their mobile phone' before entering the stage in front of a futuristic inflatable of his head split in two with a bunch of wires connecting it - so far classic Ross Noble stuff. 

His opening salvo launched into a very funny attack on Prince Andrew, before turning into a delightful observation on the calmness of political commentators and eventually the comedian ended up taking on making television appearances, Good Morning Britain and Ben Shephard to close out the first half.

The whole time he'd be typically going on tangents, flip-flopping between stories and interacting with audience members, in particular displaying comical frustrating that some seats in the front row were empty. 

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But the second half of his show was completely derailed by a number of things.

Firstly, Storm Dudley kept distracting him with random noises, which led to a very-weird storyabout a donkey.

Then a member of the audience that had bizarrely switched places with someone else  had a hilarious story that comedian's simply couldn't write after revealing she had broken her leg because her daughter had ran her over in a Land Rover, which took up an excessive but enjoyable amount of Noble's time. 

And finally, a fire alarm going off as a bemused Noble tried to figure out what to do eventually led to him conceding defeat and the audience being evacuated.

But, all of the chaos only added to the fun of Noble's comedy and thankfully everyone was treated to a rousing conclusion that saw Noble paint himself as a cycling sex pest plaguing a couple in a hotel - comedy gold. 

Noble's very improvisational style makes every show he does its own unique thing and also brings a personal intimate element to his stand-up.

Every show of his different but it's unlikely that any show will ever be quite as different as the one Noble treated everyone at the Wyvern to.