DRONES and sniffer dogs have been deployed in the search for a missing pooch vital to a student with epilepsy.

Chihuahua-crosses Stan and Snoop were brought in by the family of Harry Albans following his diagnosis. The pair formed a special bond with the 21-year-old, alerting him when an attack might be coming. 

But timid rescue dog Stan bolted while on a walk with Snoop and Harry's mother Rachael Albans, 54, at the old pitch and putt green on Cheney Manor Road on February 14, when another dog in the area attacked them. 

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He has been missing since then and the stress of not knowing where he is or how he is is taken its toll on the family, but particularly Harry. His condition has worsened, with attacks becoming more frequent since finding out the news. 

"We're really getting worried now," Rachael said. 

"But we're doing everything we possibly can to find Stan and bring him home."

A massive community effort continues to aid in the search for the dog, but professional dog finders, drone pilots and even sniffer dogs have also been called in to help, leading to what Rachael heartbreakingly thought at the time might be a reunion. 

"A company called Drone SAR put drones up at the site multiple times over the last 10 days," she said.

"They spotted what we all thought was Stan a week last Saturday, so trappers were brought in by Lost Dogs Recovery South who had volunteers on site 24 hours a day monitoring food stations, cameras and traps.

Swindon Advertiser: Stills from Drone SAR's drone footage searching for StanStills from Drone SAR's drone footage searching for Stan

"We have been working closely with Swindon Borough Council's waste recycling centre and Power Supply Solutions who gave permission for traps and cameras and experts to stay in site to catch what we thought was Stan entering the tip at night and moving back to the golf course during the day.

"After many hours of surveillance, the CCTV footage was analysed on Friday by experts from power solutions supply and animal charities, the animal turned out to be a small fox very similar to Stan."

Swindon Advertiser: Sniffer dog team helping in the search for StanSniffer dog team helping in the search for Stan

"The search has now widened as someone must have seen Stan," Rachael said. 

"My priorty is my son, I said I wouldn't stop until Stan was found and I won't because Harry's health continues to deteriorate."

"The community have been great though, it was his 21st recently, and they provided balloons, cake, decorations, cookies etc for Harry and they've been a great help with getting these posters out."

If you have information or think you've seen Stan call Rachael on 07518 701630. The family has asked that people do not try to catch him themselves.