NEW images have emerged of daredevils using ripped up B-road near Swindon as a makeshift skatepark.

Skaters and cyclists can be seen showing off his impressive moves on the Lyneham banks B4059 road - which is closed to motorists after huge cracks appeared.

Some sections of the undulating road surface have risen by around four feet and repairs to fix it could cost £1 million and take up to a year.

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Si Coburn, 38, from Gloucester, used the damage to create scenes for his 30,000 plus followers on Instagram, where he uploads videos where he skates in interesting locations.

The Instagram content creator for the skating brand 'Rollerblade' and employee at Ruroc helmet company, stared skating when he was just 13 years old.

He said: "I started doing competitions to which I won a few and then from that started to pick sponsors, I was then able to travel to different countries doing it.

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"I’ve met all my best friends through it, I love the lifestyle, traveling, the fitness side of it and now it’s starting to open up some really good opportunities for me on the social media side of things and I also coach people to skate.

"So it’s nice to give back and help people learn and progress. Most of all it’s fun and gets me outside most days which I feel great for."

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Police shared pictures of the damaged road in a bid to encourage motorists to take heed of the closure signs.

Dr Mark McClelland, Wiltshire Council cabinet member for transport, said: "It could costs hundreds of thousands or up into the millions to fix.

"There is significant damage to the road. It could be up to 12 months in total. It's not something that can be resolved in a matter of days or weeks."

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Dr McClelland added in some places the road had 'buckled' up to four feet, and descriptions of it looking like an earthquake were accurate.

He added: "The underlying ground has slipped and we need to understand why that has happened.

"The police have been very clear that it's very dangerous for motorists to ignore signage."

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