Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery has come under fire from angry parents, following the decision to increase their premiums by 50 per cent.

In 2021, the nursery was told by Ofsted that it had to improve - which was blamed on the coronavirus pandemic.

A previous inspection of the Westlea facility in 2017 rated it good, meaning the nursery's standard had declined.

Now parents who send their children to the nursery are bewildered by the decision to increase the childcare fees, which could leave them up to £300 worse off.

A parent who wished to remain anonymous said the announcement had taken him by surprise and there had been no explanation from the nursery.

“A lot of parents who I have spoken to are going to have to pull their children out,” he said.

“Most people were intending to keep their children till September when they will go to school, but now most of them will be pulling them out in July.”

The anonymous parent confirmed that he would be pulling his child out of the nursery.

He added: “For me, a 50 per cent increase is just them being greedy, they are just trying to cash in financially.

“You’ve got to find an extra £300 a month - for most people that would impact on their standard of living.

“I’m quite fortunate that both me and my wife work, but there’s a lot of single parents and there’s people on subsidised income through government grants that can’t afford it.”

The anonymous parent said Tigers Nursery should have been upfront and spoken to the parents, so they could question the decision.

They explained: “People have approached to speak about it, but they [the nursery] have turned round and said nope that’s it and we’re not going to explain it further.”

Tigers at Swindon Day Nursery declined to comment specifically on these complaints.

However, a spokesperson said: “We have an open-door policy for all our families, and we are completely transparent with them regarding any changes to the setting including prices.”