County Ground cash should go on sport

Your report (SA, March 10) about the sale of the County Ground to a Club/Supporters Trust consortium indicates that this will raise an estimated £ 2.5million for the Borough Council.

However, this sale of a sports facility must not be seen by the Council just as a useful ‘windfall’ to help bridge its budget gap.

These funds must be earmarked for another sports facility. and, ideally, be used to ensure the delivery of the Moredon Sports Hub. That much needed development is still awaiting a final budget.

While this will see a major refurbishment of the football and cricket areas and pavilion plus a brand new cycling complex, the Swindon Croquet Club, renowned throughout the region and recognised nationally as a leader in its community ethos and provision, receives no financial support from the Council.

While the Borough Council has agreed to extend the croquet lawns, it is unwilling to commit a paltry £20k to provide additional security fencing in matching funds even though the Club has already invested approximately £150k in the croquet facilities.

Now is the time for the Borough Council to really act and deliver on its commitment to a wide range of sports in Swindon to better serve its residents.

Tony Mayer


Haydon Wick

Don't let speedway die in Swindon

After reading the recent news that Swindon Town FC are hoping to secure £20.5m for upgrades to their County Ground home, it makes me feel sad for the Swindon Speedway fans who have been sold down the river for years with false promises!

Swindon Robins speedway team have a great history in the sport. They have always had great support from the many dedicated fans from not just Swindon, but from all over the country.

So many lies seem to have been fed to the fans. I really hope they don't let this great sport die here in Swindon.

I remember going to the Abbey stadium in the early 60s with my late father.

It is great memories I will never forget in my lifetime. So please Swindon Council, open your eyes and have a good look at why it is taking so long to get the bikes back on track again!

Jim Court


Put a cap on private dental charges

I would like to ask the dentists in Swindon why they think they can charge extremely high charges for it seems any treatment.

Dentists never have a price list on the wall outlining what prices you are expecting to pay for treatment.

Why do they think patients are made of money and afford to pay these costs?

Sometimes emergency treatment is needed so not planned into the budgeted for this unexpected cost. NHS dentists not an option conveniently none around. It appears that private dentists can charge what they like.

You never see a poor private dentist. It's about time the government put a cap on private dentist charges.

Also a law they must display all charges for treatment at all times on the wall for patients to see what they will be expected to pay at the end of the treatment in the surgery.

Mrs A Dennison

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