Wildcats Ice Hockey stars Aaron Nell, Emil Svec and Reny Marr powered home the message of using sport to help develop good mental health when they paid a visit to Orchid Vale Primary School.

It was organised to mark Children's Mental Health Week and the players were asked to share their ideas with the pupils.

The morning included two assemblies for Key Stage One and Two, a hockey training session on the school's Astro turf, and a question and answer session with a the players.

Aaron said "Our mental health and wellbeing is such an important part of all of our lives and the more that the children can learn about it now, the better. We all deal with our own mental health in different ways, and we hope that any little thing that we can say or any pieces of advice we can offer, will help the kids here.”

During the assemblies Aaron answered questions about ice hockey and the Wildcats team and brought kit to show the children, including a hockey stick, ice skates, a Wildcats jersey, a helmet and the Autumn cup trophy that the team won in December.

The players highlighted the importance of talking about feelings and worries. Aaron, Emil and Reny all told the youngsters that when they felt they were struggling they spoke to their dads and their friends and they encouraged the children to do the same.

Later the players joined in a hockey training session led by class teacher Oliver Bayliss, before heading over to the library for a question and answer session.

They talked about the importance of managing emotions including frustration and anger and said boys should feel they can talk about their feelings.

Emil who comes from the Czech Republic said, “This has been the first time I have come to an English school to meet and talk with the children, and I have enjoyed it.

"I hope they have enjoyed our presentation and I think it is good for them to talk about mental health."