A Swindon shopper visiting the town's Designer Outlet was left baffled by a bizarre piece of bad parking in its empty car park.

They returned to their white BMW and were dismayed to see a Hyundai driver had decided to park next to theirs - despite hundreds of available spaces elsewhere.

To make matters worse, the other driver failed to stay within the lines of their own parking space, stopping access to the passenger door. 

Swindon Advertiser:

"I made a friend today at the Outlet - they really, really wanted to be close to me," the anonymous driver wrote on Facebook. 

"So close they ignored the four free spaces on one side the one on the other side and the two across the road, not to mention the rest of the EMPTY CAR PARK!"

This was accompanied by a picture of the bad parking in question, as well as evidence that the rest of the car park was, indeed, empty. 

Swindon Advertiser: "The car park was literally empty there were so many spaces," they continued. "It just made us laugh more than anything that someone would want to get so close." 

"Nowt stranger than folk, as they say!"