THE discovery of an old asbestos pipe means work to finish improvements at the Piccadilly Roundabout will be delayed - news that did not impress drivers.

All the work that can be done in the meantime, including the resurfacing has been done, says the council. But now the contractors have to wait for Thames Water to remove the pipe before they can finish the project.

The work was supposed to have been finished in the winter but now it looks like the latest April deadline may be missed as well.

Here's what readers had to say...

Matt Scott: "Another roundabout we've spent millions on to make worse."

Andrew Heal: "Isn’t that the definition of roadworks?

Chris Wall: "What's one pipe got to do with the rest of the roadworks .. Surely there's plenty of other stuff they can be getting on with?"

Barbara Stratton: "Wish the monster raving Looney party were around they would get my vote."

Debi Ledsham-Newman: "Accident waiting to happen now. Had two near misses coming out our estate already this week. It’s becoming like a race course."

Alan Wilson: "You and I have an opportunity to tell Renard and his entourage that we the people of Swindon have had enough of the carnage they've caused across this Town. I'm sick to death of their excuses.

"It's time for change! Please get out and vote in the local elections. Roll on May 5."

Jonathan Warner: "It’s less about politics with these projects and more about the companies taking everyone for a ride.

They quote for X amount of time and are probably being paid by the day so by the time they finish they will have been paid for an extra year of work!

" I live here and it’s been like watching network rail on a work site! One man with a shovel with 20 stood around watching and pointing! No wonder it’s over run so long!"

Carol Henly: "You couldn't make this up, could you!"

Cliff Reynolds: "How about they clean up the mess where they are storing there equipment while they are waiting and put it back to how it was."

Wayne Read: "Its taken all this time and now they find an asbestos pipe really."

Anne Worboys: "The old saying 'They couldn’t organise a p*** up in a brewery' may be overused, but with the organisation of the Swindon road works it’s spot on.

"If it were just one set of works maybe it would be acceptable, but this has happened all across Swindon and the public are just sick to death of it.

"As for the Piccadilly roundabout and bus stops, in my opinion absolutely no improvements made!"

Maureen Smithers: "We moan about everything when it comes to roads, but the work being done recently has involved very deep excavation and major pipes being laid.

"If asbestos has been found why should they put there lives at risk removing it, would you?"

Bob Houston: "Nothing wrong with it in the first place."

Gary Stebbing: "Why cant they just finish off one project at a time? Just a complete joke as usual."

John Dyer: "Wow you couldn’t make this up I take it water board footing the bill?

Ian Purnell: "I've been informed that the SBC contractors last big job was to save Atlantis from the sea.

"Unfortunately, there have been some delays and, whilst Atlantis may have sunk a little, they have guaranteed to jump back on it once they finish in Swindon; although they will need more money to complete the work."