Savernake vehicle restrictions

You report that Forestry England plans to close Savernake Forest to vehicles, restricting paths for walkers and building a large fee paying carpark with 350 spaces at Postern Hill.

This is an appalling plan. Having walked regularly in Savernake Forest over the past 70 years and, in the company of friends and family, having enjoyed the glorious and varied trees, the ponds with frogspawn and the bird life, to restrict this wonderful Marlborough asset and have everyone confined to a small area will dramatically reduce the pleasures of the forest. What evidence is there that the Grand Avenue is being used as a ‘rat run’ - this could hardly be true given the huge number of potholes which reduce one’s speed almost to a walking/running pace. And witnessing the glorious spring colour of the leaves on the oak and beech trees in the Grand Avenue and the Arboretum is simply wonderful. And I have never been aware of antisocial activities.

Now aged 79 and with a small dog that takes me for a walk in different parts of the Savernake Forest on a daily basis, I am aware (as a retired doctor) of the positive impact this has on my mental health. I am sure that this applies to many others. I am delighted to read that the Earl of Cardigan, the owner of the forest is opposed to this plan.

Dr Nick Maurice

London Road


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