MOTORISTS have shared their frustration over broken traffic lights at one of Swindon's busiest junctions.

The Spittleborough roundabout for Junction 16 of the M4 controls the flow of traffic onto the M4, the A3102 to Royal Wootton Bassett, the B4005 and the B4534.

A crash at the roundabout a few weeks ago led to the lights failing and they still haven't been repaired.

One driver who did not want to be named wrote in an email to the Adver that using the roundabout was now a "lottery".

We asked other Swindonian motorists how they felt about it.

Georgina Sinclair said: “It’s been an absolute nightmare at rush-hour coming from Hungerford then queuing for two miles to get off at Swindon - has added 25 minutes to a journey.”

Debs Brown added: “People need to learn go back to driving school to learn what traffic lights mean and to learn how to use indicators.

"It’s frustrating when you have a green light that you cannot move because a car is blocking you.”

And Sharon Johnson said: “Just wish people would get in the right lanes instead of being in the Wroughton lane and cutting you up to go to Royal Wootton Bassett.”

But some drivers have said that they would rather keep the lights off permanently.

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Phil Paton said: “When the traffic lights are on people sit stationary at a red light whilst the road ahead is clear causing traffic jams, once the lights are off the roundabout works like it’s supposed to and traffic flows freely.”

Chantal Rayner added: “I use it regularly and in my opinion, it works much better. Traffic flow has been fine and I have not experienced any issues.”

Natalie Jean agreed, saying: “In my opinion, as someone who is there around rush hour every morning and evening, it's actually helped traffic flow quicker. I've not experienced any near misses or accidents and I drive there five days a week.”

National Highways service delivery manager Julian Strong said: “We’re working with specialist engineers to resolve a repair to the traffic signals at the top of the M4 eastbound exit slip road at junction 16.

“Power was affected following a single vehicle incident, where a car left the carriageway and damaged roadside equipment that controls the traffic lights.

“Signs have been in place since the incident, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank drivers for their patience while we await the necessary repairs.”

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