A SWINDON-BASED group of electrical engineers has launched a training academy.

Sinewave provides services to the electric vehicle, residential, commercial and renewables sectors. It is forecast to be tripling in size through 2021 and '22 and tripling again in '22/'23.

Since 2021, the company has expanded from under 30 staff to almost 70 employees and is continuing to recruit.

As a training provider, Sinewave Academy offers courses in first aid at work, mental health first aid and technical electrical training to contractors and businesses within Swindon and the wider south west.

Experienced staff aim to pass on their skills as experts in the industry.

The academy helps people at every level within the electrical engineering sector, from those who work in close proximity to - but not on - electrical equipment, such as support and administrative colleagues, hands on engineers, and those with aspirations to become managers or supervisors.

The training courses can help achieve competence in G99 testing.

Sinewave provides high and low-voltage independent connections, is based in Kembrey Street, was established in 2015 and accredited by Lloyd's through the National Electricity Registration Scheme.

CEO and founder Adam Woodley said: “Sinewave Academy has been an ambition of ours since we became established as one of the leading ICPs in the industry.

"We are incredibly proud that this has now become a reality and supports our vision of being a power for good within the industry and the local community.

"In essence, the Sinewave Academy can give you the power to get where you want to be.

"From day one, our purpose has been  to provide turnkey energy solutions from design to delivery. 

"Sinewave combines power engineering expertise with in-depth knowledge of UK electricity networks. Our bespoke services are available to energy and private sector clients who demand the highest standards of safety and meticulous attention to detail.

"Our major customer groups include the renewables industry where installations are often remote and neglected, and the data industry where substations are often embedded in highly secure facilities."

Courses at the academy can vary from full day Mental Health Champion courses through to three phase, ten module Leadership Training.

Current courses available include Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health Champion, Mental Health Awareness, Emergency First Aid At Work, Leadership Fundamentals, Basic Electrical Principles, Substation Access, and G99 testing.

Anyone interested in learning more about the training courses available should check out the website www.sinewave.com/academy

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