Over the last month, there have been a number of people from our towns in Wiltshire who have faced court as a result of stealing from shops.

While some have only faced a fine, others have been with heavier sentences, such as six weeks in prison due to the nature of the incident. The cases courts have seen this month include:

A man stole meat products with a value of £117.20 from Sainsbury’s in Trowbridge. The 37-year-old is thought to have committed the offence on 18 February. Simon Parker from Trowbridge pleaded guilty and was committed to prison for 4 months, due to the offence being ‘so serious because the defendant is a serving prisoner subject to recall’ according to Swindon Magistrate’s Court.

Latasha Jade Sheppard, 32, allegedly stole steak and a bottle of gin worth £46 from BP Service Station on 6 March in Chippenham. She has since been remanded on conditional bail until 3 May.

A 50-year-old man from Chippenham stole food items from Waitrose with a value of £166 on 17 October last year. Stephen James Bosley pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay £325 by Swindon Magistrate’s Court.

Matthew Carl Pilgram from Hampshire jointly stole various items from Morrison’s in Devizes worth £525.35 alongside Christine Confrey. He pleaded guilty on 1 April and was remanded on unconditional bail until 9 May at South Wiltshire Magistrate’s Court.

Christine Confrey from Hampshire will also face a court hearing on the same day after pleading guilty earlier this month for the same incident.

Ionel-Elvis Dulea from Gateshead has been accused of stealing cosmetic products worth £415.85 from Boots in Warminster with Marius-Gabriel Pascu, and pleaded guilty on 8 April.

The 45-year old was remanded on conditional bail until 19 April.

Marius-Gabriel Pascu, who is from Birmingham will face court for the incident on 22 April.

30-year old Mathew Alexander Howell from Devizes is thought to have stolen two lamb joints with a value of 20.00 from Sainsbury’s in Devizes.

The incident allegedly took place on 8 March 2022 and pleaded guilty on 5 April at South East Wiltshire Magistrate’s Court. He was fined £365 altogether.

Ashley James Uwin stole spirits worth £50 from Tesco on 29 November 2020. The 33-year-old was committed to spending six weeks in prison- a time period that was aggravated as a result of him committing previous offences.

 Julian Vincent Smith, 39, from Chippenham was accused of stealing a ‘selection of meat with a value of £140’ from Waitrose in Chippenham on 6 March last month according to Swindon’s Magistrate’s Court.

He was remanded on conditional bail on 11 April this month until 3 May 2022.

Matthew Berrelly pleaded guilty on 5 April this month for stealing alcohol in Westbury’s Morrisons on 7 November last year and was given a total fine of £365.

 A 33-year-old woman from Trowbridge was fined a total of £128 after pleading guilty on 26 March last month to stealing from Superdrug.

Harriet Greenshields stole ‘unknown items’ worth £50.32 from the store in Warminster on 28 January this year.