The father of a family of emergency workers has spoken of his struggles in dealing with the aftermath of the theft of his two son's motocross bikes after everything they've done to help the community.

Since the burglary of the bikes, a Husqvana TC 125 cc in grey and white and a Husqvana FC 250 cc in blue and white, from his Cumberload Road home happened on Monday, Paul Weaver, 43, has been relentless in trying to find them. 

Swindon Advertiser:

Swindon Advertiser:

His wife is a paramedic and he is a firefighter. His sons Lewis, 18, and Josh, 22, work in A&E and for the fire service respectively. 

"Sadly it's starting to take over my life and my family," he said.

"I have done hundreds of miles driving round trying to find them."

He added: "It's very sad when all of my family serve our community when they need help and yet a small minority of the community have no respect for anything."

The bikes, worth around £10,000, were stolen from a container shed in his garden, with the three theives causing damage to a wall after climbing over it, and removing several fence panels to get the bikes out. 

Swindon Advertiser:

Swindon Advertiser:

"I woke up in the morning and noticed that the stuff that was in the shed was all over the garden. That's when I realised the bikes have gone," Paul said. 

"There were feathered edge panels pulled off that they'd neatly put on the floor.

"It was 3.44am in the morning but no-one heard anything. They must have been there a while removing everything from the shed and removing the panels but they didn't make a noise."

Outside of the financial loss, the bikes held sentimental value to Paul and his two sons as they would often ride together - one of them was also an 18th birthday present.

But now Paul says that they'll likely never ride again.

Wiltshire Police have since made a public appeal for witnesses and CCTV.

PC Teresa Herbert said: “We want to hear from anyone with information, including anyone who may have been disturbed by the noise of the motorbikes being ridden away, or who may have seen these bikes for sale since they were stolen.

“If you live locally and have private CCTV or video doorbell, we would ask you to check your footage to see if you have recorded anything of interest."

If you can help please call 101, quoting crime reference 54220039444.

Paul is offering a cash reward for information that leads to the return of the bikes.