The brother of a man who was hospitalised after being involved in a crash with a van has appealed for witnesses. 

Saqib Javed shared pictures of his brother's car that collided with the van on Mead Way Junction at the Westmead Drive traffic lights.

The silver car was severely mangled following the impact on the 30mph road, with a pool of oil spilling out.

"Hi, my brother had a terrible accident around 8.45pm last night," he wrote in his post

"He got hit by a van coming from the opposite side and he is in hospital now."

Thankfully, Saqib later added that his brother had incredibly escaped from the wreckage of his car without serious injury, but would take a while to fully recover from the minor ailments he'd picked up. 

"All the scans/xrays and other reports came back good, thank God nothing severe and no fracture. He has bruises, ribs pain, swollen knees(can't walk properly), and his neck & back hurts terribly," he said. 

"He is bit better, still in pain but I guess this will take time to recover fully."

Wiltshire Police also confirmed in a brief statement that the van driver also escaped without being injured, and that neither the van driver or Saqib's brother had been arrested following the incident.

A spokesperson from the force said: "We received reports, shortly before 9pm yesterday (21/04), of a road traffic collision involving two vehicles in Stonehill Green, Westlea, Swindon.

"There were no arrests and no reported serious injury to those involved."

Saqib is now looking for people who may have seen it happen, or may have dashcam footage to get in touch with him, as police told him there were no cameras covering the junction in question. 

"A few police cars and a fire brigade came on the scene, and the police said they didn't have the camera at the junction to see whose fault is, but they would ask for some witnesses to come forward too."

"If anyone saw this accident or has any information, please get in touch with me. Thank you."

Anyone who saw what happened can contact Saqib via his Facebook page -