Residents have shared their concerns over the safety of a junction on Mead Way following a nasty-looking crash. 

A car and a van collided at the Westmead Drive/Stonehill Green traffic light junction on the West Swindon road, but both van and car driver managed to escape the crash without serious injury. 

The brother of the car driver, Saqib Javed posted about the smash on social media in an appeal for witnesses, but many responded by voicing their concerns over the safety of the junction the crash happened on. 

People pointed out that motorists who need to turn right across oncoming traffic in either direction are often given a green light when the oncoming traffic light is also still green. Because of this many said it was an accident waiting to happen.

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"It is now a dangerous junction. It's not very clear and an awful set up because people expect if they see a green light that they can go. It was only a matter of time before there was a nasty accident," one person said. 

Another added: "My husband has said since the junction was built, that there would be a terrible accident there."

This section of road used to be managed by a roundabout, but as part of the two year project to widen Mead Way, the roundabout was removed and a traffic light system was installed in its place. 

Swindon Advertiser: What used to be at the Westmead Drive junctionWhat used to be at the Westmead Drive junction

A response from the Highways Department that was posted onto Saqib's Facebook post urged people not to 'speculate'.

“We liaise with the Police on road collisions where injuries have occurred, and as always, would encourage people not to speculate on the cause of the collision at this time.

"We undertake road safety audits during the design process and on scheme completion; we will use any information provided by the Police following their investigation to review design issues should any be identified as a contributory factor."

Mannington and Western Councillor Jim Robbins said: "It is clearly worrying to see such an accident. We’re pleased that the highways department are aware and that they are liaising with the police to determine the cause.

"We want the road to be as safe as possible for residents and will be feeding in residents views to the debrief meeting we have been promised if and when the roadworks finally finish."