Readers were not impressed with Swindon Borough Council's decision to shut two underpasses on Marlborough Road and Queen's Drive on safety grounds.

The authority plans to replace them with a pelican crossing on Queen's Drive.

As reported in the Adver last week, a bid to have the plan discussed by the scrutiny committee failed to win enough support from councillors, which means the scheme will go ahead even though 120 of the 125 responses to a public notice were against it.

Here's what readers said...

Andrew Little: "Yet again SBC not listening to the people again. It's about time they remembered who voted for them, but they are so arrogant It's beyond belief.

"Still the voters now know who they should be voting for in May hopefully."

Vickie Lewis: "But those who don’t say anything are taken as ‘agreeing with the proposal’.

"And I’m not saying it’s a choice to not say anything most probably don’t even know this is happening or can’t be bothered with how difficult it was to formally submit a concern or objection!"

Patrick Connolly: "This is a stupid decision, the subway is far safer and cheaper to maintain and run than traffic lights, I have never known any issues here."

Alan Read: "Wait until the one evening someone drives around that roundabout, the sun shining in their eyes late evening and god forbid again someone gets knocked over on the crossing because it will happen."

This was always on the cards. They won't listen to the people who voted them in. They won't listen to anyone. They do what they want to do regards of anything.

"Wait until the buildings start on the green up Marlborough Road behind the houses on queen's drive. That will also happen."

Cindy Fellowes: "A decision should be made by residents."

Michelle Giddings: "These subways have been used for a very long time by families who want a safe way to cross a very busy dual carriage way.

"If people continue to be knocked down on the "alternative crossing" that was installed further along Queens Drive, why do SBC think removing the underpasses is a safer option.

"Or do we have to wait for a death before the underpasses are reconsidered."

Nick Clark: "Since when did Councils do anything A/sensible and B/anything that actually helps the residents that pay its council tax?"