Cycle safety plea

As a motorist and walker I read carefully the changes to The Highway Code regarding pedestrians and cyclists.

Some cyclists persist in making life difficult for pedestrians and motorists and think they can disregard rules of the road.

Recently when I had negotiated safely to the bottom of Mason’s Lane and was preparing to turn right over the bridge I looked left and there was a cyclist coming down the hill, who ignored the fact that I had the right of way nearly hit my car and disappeared .

I have observed some mounting pavements to avoid lights etc, it is very dangerous.

So many have no lights on their bikes making it impossible to see them clearly when visibility is poor and most refuse to have anything on them to warn you if they are approaching you fast from behind on single track roads.

We should all have the right to use our roads safely, whether on horseback, as a pedestrian or in a motorised vehicle, so consideration from all concerned would make life easier for everybody.

It would make cyclists safer if they could wear some sort of high viz clothing if only some sort of light strap worn over the shoulder as when wearing all black and with no lights it is hazardous for them and other vehicles approaching them.

There are of course many cyclists who use the roads carefully and with due consideration of other road users but quite a few who do not observe the Highway Code, which is there to protect us all.

Our roads are getting more and more congested and with increasing motor vehicles disregarding speed limits and cut backs on police numbers they do not have capacity to patrol them as they once did..

Christine Morgan


BCUSG bingo night

Through your letters/what’s on columns, I would like to inform your readers that on Friday 6th May, at the Wesley Road Club Trowbridge, that the Trowbridge branch of the Bath Cancer Unit Support Group are holding their annual cash prize Charity Bingo evening ( the last one was actually in 2019) in aid of the cancer unit at the Bath Royal United Hospital.

Doors open at 7.00pm, with eyes down at 8.00pm.

Entry is £1 and a book of ten games is also £1, with six books for £5. The bar will be open and there will be a prize raffle.

Jeff Law

BCUSG committee member

Real world issue

Just seen a BBC report about waiting ambulances at Salisbury hospital.

But the administrator said some of them should have spoken to their GPs.

Do NHS administrators not live in the real world? We have not been able to get a GP appointment for two years.

Even pre-pandemic the telephone would not have been answered between lunchtime on Maundy Thursday and Easter Tuesday.

Bryan Simmons,

Address supplied

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