The trade union for Wiltshire Council staff GMB has called a one-day strike of all traffic wardens in the county.

It is set to include GMB members, in addition to other traffic wardens in Wiltshire who are not part of the union, now scheduled for 7 May 2022.

The strike is in opposition to a council proposal for a pay cut for all staff working unsocial hours, which will see many council workers including traffic wardens and social workers losing thousands of pounds per year, according to GMB.

A spokesperson for the union said: "Following an earlier rejection of the proposals by the union, the pay cut for frontline workers which the council hoped to introduce in April was paused, but Wiltshire Council have not taken it off the table.

"The council is looking to bring back the same pay cut proposals in June, with cosmetic changes."

The current plan for the strikes is to hold picket lines on the day at their workplaces: Monkton Park council offices in Chippenham, and at Salisbury Library, where a rally and demonstration will be held outside from 1 pm.

At 1:40 pm, they will head back to Salisbury Library steps for the speakers.

This will include flags, placards and banners As well as the strike day, there will be an additional protest outside Salisbury Library from 11 am on Tuesday 3 May.

Keith Roberts, GMB Regional Organiser said: “Our members unanimously voted for strike action because they simply cannot afford a pay cut.

“They are telling us that after the increase in national insurance, they have already noticed a drop in take-home pay this month, and everyone is struggling with increased fuel bills and inflation in the shops."

Mr Roberts noted that they have been left with little choice but to take action.

He added: “We regret any disruption to the public, but the council have forced this action upon us.

"Wiltshire council will feel the pain because parking fines bring in around £900,000 per year, and car park charges bring in about £9 million for them.

"By cutting pay for these workers, they are killing the goose that lays them the golden eggs.

“GMB members are demanding that the proposed pay cut is completely withdrawn. Putting a pretty bow on it will not fool our members.

“Scandalously, the proposed pay cut is deliberately targeted at frontline workers who deal with the public.”

Terence Herbert, Chief Executive of Wiltshire Council, said: “We have had notice from the GMB Union that 25 officers in our parking enforcement team plan to strike on Saturday 7 May.
“Parking restrictions, including all usual car parking charges, will still be in place at this time.

“Negotiations between the council and the three recognised unions – Unison, Unite the Union and GMB – over proposed changes to terms and conditions are ongoing, and as such it would be inappropriate to comment further on these at this time.”