Police have shared an image of the ‘UK’s messiest car’ sparking a warning to drivers that they could face fines of up to £2,500.

Kent Police uploaded a picture of a vehicle they stopped for not having insurance, an MOT or road tax.

But even more surprising was the state of the car which was stacked high with mountains of rubbish including wrappers from McDonald’s and Greggs as well as empty cans of Foster’s lager.

Sharing the inside of the car, Kent Police joked: "The odd sweet wrapper or dropped crisp from the our colleagues on handover all of a sudden doesn't appear so bad.

"The inside of a car stopped and seized today for no insurance, no MOT and no vehicle excise licence. "

Drivers warned over £2,500 fine as ‘UK’s messiest car’ goes viral

The viral tweet has sparked an important warning from car maintenance and fines expert Ollie Green of Collect Service Go.

He said: “There is no specific law against keeping the interior of your car clean, however, if the cleanliness of the vehicle becomes a safety hazard then it automatically becomes against the law.

“If the clutter becomes an issue and restricts your ability to drive safely, it can fall under the careless driving rule and will result in a fine of up to £100 and 3 points on your license. In extreme cases, this can go up to a £2,500 fine and a driving ban.”

He added: “It’s important to keep your car clean as this will help you avoid any dangerous situations and potential accidents caused by issues with obstructions to the brake, gear stick, and blocked views.”

Five tips to avoid £2,500 fine for a messy car

Ollie has listed five ways you can de-clutter your car to avoid a possible £2,500 fine.

Keep a bin in the car

This option helps you to have a landing zone for the rubbish. It makes for easy pick-up and is great for kids. Make sure to empty and re-line this bin every time you arrive at your destination.

Organise compartments

Come up with a system for organising places where items tend to accumulate. Use storage containers in your boot to make sure that every item has a place, whether that's your children’s toys, maps, books, or emergency kits.

Put your back seats down when not in use

Having your back seats lowered allows for more space to store items and rubbish in the boot. It stops you from putting any rubbish on the seat in the back, whilst also keeping dirt from getting in between the backseats of your car.

Avoid eating in your car

Drive-throughs are convenient and often prompt meals on the go but try to avoid having food in your vehicle. If you do eat in your car, clean up any rubbish immediately by placing them in a car bin.

Petrol station cleanouts

When stopping at a petrol station, use your time wisely and throw away/recycle any clutter you have in your car from that day.