The council has explained why bus stops near Piccadilly roundabout have been relocated.

Residents were left confused after the ongoing roundabout project saw the bus stops moved from the roundabout itself to Dorcan Way.

Locals believed the bus stops were fine where they were, and are more likely to cause traffic by blocking Dorcan Way.

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But in the recent New Eastern Villages Newsletter, the council has further clarified why the bus stops needed to be moved.

"The local media have recently reported on the fact the bus stop has been moved from its previous position on the roundabout," it said. 

"This is because an extra lane has been created around the roundabout to increase capacity and improve traffic flow. By placing the bus stop back in its original position on the roundabout it would block off one of these lanes every time a bus stopped to pick up passengers.

"Our road safety auditor said this was an accident risk as motorists may try to pull out into the other lane to make their way around the stationary bus.

"The new location for the bus stops were selected by our designers to comply with all the road safety standards."

Work on the junction has been paused indefinitely until Thames Water can remove an asbestos pipe on Covingham Drive.