Sympathy for Oxford Road residents

The good folk of Oxford Road itself certainly deserve much empathy for the ever ongoing disruption.

This seemingly never-ending project was unnecessary.

Apart from a mini roundabout being sufficient, surely, the pre-existing traffic lights would have sufficed and did so for many years.

Why is the Nythe Road junction so special?

No mention has been made of the ‘rat-run’ along Whilestone Way.

We have had speeding cars, lorries and even buses and coaches down there.

I have taken this up several times with Councillor Holland – who does live locally - to no avail. The speed limits have been ignored all over this area.

No deterrent of course.

Why are Messrs Holland and Wilkinson not actually addressing these problems?

Indeed what , if any, is the purpose of these two individuals?

Rodney J M Wirdnam

Whilestone Way

Roadworks will put visitors off town

It would seem no one in Swindon council has the nerve to stand up and really say what a complete shambles they have made of our roadworks all around the Town.

It must be sad to think people will not travel to see our Town or go near anywhere there is roadworks.

It’s about time so say Councillors do something to earn our votes.

Malcolm Lyons

Ex SSE Streetworks

Boys Brigade set an example for life

The recent letters printed in this column concerning Swindon Boys Brigade Groups reminded me of an unusual and memorable incident that happened over 60 years ago.

In the 1958/59 season, I was playing for Christ Church Youth Club FC in the Swindon Under 18s Borough League.

We were a very strong side, finishing the season with only one defeat (0 - 1 to Swindon Town Juniors).

One of our last games was against one of the local Boys Brigade sides. We were leading 8 or 9 - nil with only a few minutes to go when the BB team had a rare attack and a shot was flying towards the top corner of our net.

A very rare goal for the underdogs? No! Our captain, (not our keeper), popped up from nowhere and punched the ball away from the goal.

An obvious penalty to the BBs. But No! Their manager refused to let his side take the penalty that might have given them a consolation goal.

He stressed the fact that he was a supporter of fair play and didn't want his team to benefit from what he considered to be bad sportsmanship.

The referee, and our captain, tried to change his mind but without success. In the end the ref settled things by blowing early for full time.

I've never forgotten this event, and over the years I've grown to respect and sympathise with the BB leader's decision.

What an example, however harsh, of learning to be honest and decent.

A credit to the ethos of the Boys Brigade.

Michael Barrett

Springfield Rd


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