Work is underway to convert office space at Swindon's former UK Life Centre into flats.

The existing office blocks on Station Road will be transformed into 170 flats and an extra two storeys will be built to create another 62 flats.

Councillor Daniel Adams acknowledged that some people will not be happy about the building's change but he believes it will be "great news" for Swindon's economy.

Scaffolding is up around the four-foot office building and a crane is out as workers get going on the project. Conditions of the planning approval from May 2021 state the development must be finished within three years.

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Coun Adams said: "There will be some not happy to see such a building being converted but often with these old office buildings it's not economically viable to upgrade to modern standards and requirements.

"In these cases the buildings are often converted into a new use, in this case as apartments.

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"Great to see old buildings being reused rather than left abandoned and great news for the local economy."

South Swindon Parish Council had a number of objections to the proposals before prior approval was given - including the lack of parking available for future residents and the unsuitability of the building's foundations for more flats.

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