MORE work is being carried out on Oxford Road as one part of the scheme ends and another begins.

Neighbours have become fed up with paths being dug up outside their homes and daily traffic jams along the busy street which connects the Greenbridge and White Hart roundabouts.

Last month, Swindon Borough Council responded to complaints from people in the area and its website indicated that the works would end on May 6 - but this was just for part of the improvement scheme.

After one particularly bad traffic jam near the end of April, the coned-off inside lane of Oxford Street leading to the White Hart roundabout was reopened in a bid to ease congestion.

On Monday, the online roadworks map removed the old indicator for the ongoing highway operation.

But a new icon is now in place to suggest another phase of the work has just started and is expected to end on May 20.

Traffic lights will remain in place to control the flow of cars in both directions along the road and at the junction with Nythe Road while traffic islands and drainage are installed.

After this installation is complete, yet another phase of the scheme will then begin on May 23.

Rodney Wirdnam wrote to the Adver about the situation: "The good folk of Oxford Road itself certainly deserve much empathy for the ever ongoing disruption.

"This seemingly never-ending project was unnecessary.

"Apart from a mini roundabout being sufficient, surely, the pre-existing traffic lights would have sufficed and did so for many years.

"Why is the Nythe Road junction so special?"

There is some good news, however. Part of the constant congestion on Oxford Road had been a knock-on effect from months of roadworks on the White Hart roundabout - but that has now eased as cones have been removed and traffic lights are switched on.

A Swindon Borough Council spokesman said: “The works at the Oxford Road and Nythe Road junction are progressing well, with the excavation of key areas of the road ongoing.

"This is to make the areas ready for resurfacing, which is due to start on Monday May 23.

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