Jeremy Kyle made a bit of a blunder on TalkTV when he mixed up Sweden and Swindon in a discussion about Boris Johnson's visit to the country yesterday.

Discussing the ongoing debate about Sweden and Finland's potential path to join NATO, Kyle said: "If you're in Finland, Swindon and other countries and you look at what Putin has done in Ukraine, you're going to want the security, I suspect, of NATO."

He was swiftly corrected by TalkTV's political editor Peter Cardwell who pointed out that Kyle had made a "slight misname" and clarified that "Swindon is not joining NATO".

It comes as the prime minister visited Sweden and Finland yesterday and signed mutual security pacts with the countries which are currently not members of NATO.


Both presenters found the mishap amusing, with Kyle joking that Cardwell had "picked" him up on his mistake and that the misnaming was "brilliant".

He quipped: "I said Swindon. I said Finland and Swindon.

"Today Boris Johnson has gone to Swindon. Can you listen back and find that? If I've said Swindon, I'm going to replay it.

"Are you picking me up?

"I watch you like a hawk Cardwell. I made you and I will destroy you.

"That's brilliant; if I said Swindon, you've got to play it back."

TalkTV is a new channel that started airing in April. Jeremy Kyle is one of the channel's most well-known presenters along with Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne.

Kyle had been trying to ask the political editor whether Sweden and Finland were discussing joining NATO before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Cardwell responded: "Well I think it's interesting. Public opinion in both countries has been largely against, or a large number of people have been against them joining NATO because they don't like these big international bodies.

"But since the invasion of Ukraine, since those troops getting closer, obviously the public mood has changed."

South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland chimed in after the show aired with a response. He wrote: "Swindon is already in NATO, actually. Founder member."