THERE is no end in sight to the Oasis leisure centre saga after its landlord dropped a bombshell over the chances of it reopening in its current guise.

The Save Oasis Swindon steering group released a statement confirming it had been told this by the building's leaseholders SevenCapital, which told them that despite spending "hundreds of thousands of pounds" a solution was still proving elusive. 

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SevenCapital has since confirmed it has yet to find a way to bring the leisure centre back into public use because "the implications of the Grade II listing to the Oasis are further reaching than we had first envisaged".

A SevenCapital spokesperson continued: "As such the costs associated are so great that currently the scheme would be not only unviable for us but also future tenants."

Despite the lack of progress, Save Oasis Swindon, Swindon Borough Council and SevenCapital have all reaffirmed their commitment to seeing the building brought back to life. 

The spokesperson continued: "We are still working hard on a solution and have spent many hundreds of thousands of pounds thus far.

"However whilst we hope we will find an appropriate solution, it would be irresponsible to make any promises at this point in time."