Building preservation charity The Twentieth Century Society believes the Oasis can be restored despite claims from its current landlords.

SevenCapital tabled a redevelopment plan for the closed leisure centre last year, but the building's iconic dome being given Grade II listing status has forced it to go back to the drawing board.

The company has since confirmed even though it has spent 'hundreds of thousands of pounds' it is yet to find a viable way to reopen the Oasis while also working around the legal protections on the dome. 

This prompted a letter from Coco Whittaker, a caseworker from the charity, which was sent on May 11 to SevenCapital's group managing director Damien Sivitar.

The letter stated that the charitable organisation believes, like the Tate Modern, there is a way to bring the Oasis back into public use and implored him to let them help to find it. 

"The Oasis is a unique and wonderful building, and an irrefutable Swindon icon. We strongly believe it would be possible to sympathetically upgrade the building," it said.

"There is a great opportunity here to revitalise a building of national heritage importance and revive a much-loved community asset while setting new standards for the creative and environmentally-responsible adaption and reuse of a historic building.

"The society is eager to be involved in discussions about the future of the Oasis and wish to offer our full support in helping to find a sustainable solution for the centre.

"Our expert caseworkers and committee are willing to offer pre-application advice and guidance."

"Meanwhile, we have already consulted specialist architects and engineers on the reuse of the building. We'd be happy to make this information and these resources freely available, and would like to propose a meeting at your soonest convenience."

The Twentieth Century Society has since received a response from Mr Sivitar who thanked them for getting in touch but spurned their offer of a meeting. 

It said: "If you feel you have a specific solution we would be more than happy to receive it via email. Thank you for your offer."