Photos of the sexual abuse of a second young girl were found on a Swindon man’s phone, a court has heard.

Trevor Fernandes is currently standing trial accused of threatening to expose sexual images of an American teen if she did not perform lewd acts on herself, her baby sister and her pet dog.

On Tuesday (May 17), Swindon Crown Court heard pictures of the sexual abuse of another girl had been found in the same encrypted partition of his Samsung Galaxy S10 that was used to send the abusive messages to the Texan girl – one Fernandes denies having knowledge of.

It was also heard that an “extremely vulnerable” girl had come forward to police claiming to be sexually abused by a man who called himself Trevor and used the same Kik and Instagram accounts that the American’s abuser used – namely ‘cuteandstrict’ and ‘Reckitt03’.

Jurors heard on day five of the trial that the style of the abuse was similar, with ‘Trevor’ using the word “check” to demand photos or videos from the victim as evidence that she was carrying out his instructions.

Prosecutor David Sawyer asked Mark Wadmore, the officer who led the case for the National Crime Agency, whether ‘cuteandstrict’ “required her to engage in sexual activity with others”.

“Absolutely yes,” he said.

“Did that include her family dog?” Mr Sawyer continued.

“It did yes,” the officer replied. He later said there was a photograph of this British girl performing a sex act on her dog found on the password-protected Knox partition of Fernandes’s phone

Fernandes “denied all knowledge” of the Knox partition earlier in the trial and claimed “someone else hacked into his phone”.

But experts had claimed even if it was possible to set this up without the user knowing, only hackers with the backing of hostile states like Russia or China could pull it off.

Continuing on Tuesday, Mr Wadmore also confirmed that ‘Trevor’ knew the British girl had a history of mental health issues and was self-harming at the time.

“Did she say whether ‘Trevor’ encouraged the self-harming?” Mr Sawyer said.

“Yes she does,” the officer replied, before detailing photos and videos of her self-harming at ‘Trevor’s’ behest were found on the Knox partition.

The second case also happened over “a fairly short period, a matter of days”, he confirmed.

Fernandes’s barrister, Beata Kopel, had earlier confirmed that the girl had failed to pick the 37-year-old out of an identity parade, despite saying she had video calls with the abuser.

Mr Sawyer later said that the defendant wouldn’t show his face on the video calls.

But Ms Kopel added that the victim had spoken to her abuser on 10 to 15 occasions.

Mr Wadmore also confirmed that since the British victim identified the profile picture of the ‘Reckitt03’ Instagram account, found on the Knox partition of Fernandes’s phone, as linked to her abuse, they have been unable to trace the owner of that account.

“We’ve gone as far as we possibly can to trace that individual,” he said under cross-examination.

Fernandes has not been charged with any offences in relation to this second victim.

The trial continues. Fernandes denies 16 charges – seven of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and nine of making indecent photographs of a child.