SWINDON Town fans caught up in the violent scenes that took place after last night's play-off game at Port Vale have talked about their fears as things got 'out of control'.

Port Vale won the shootout 6-5 to secure a place at Wembley, sparking a pitch invasion from hundreds of the home supporters. A large number of them immediately ran to the away end and towards Town's players. 

While a lot of the focus is on the attack on Town players which was caught on camera, Dozens of Robins fans told the Adver they were also subject to abuse and assault. 

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Multiple people claim they were pelted with bottles, lighters, and coins by Vale supporters. 

Chanté Charlotte was there with her autistic son, who was a mascot for Swindon Town.

She said: "We had to be escorted onto the pitch to get to safety. I saw two children who couldn't have been more than 10 being treated for head injuries, one was hit by a bottle and the other hit in the eye by something, all because of the action of more than a minority of Port Vale fans," she said. 

Another mum, Rachel Case, was there with her 12-year-old son and described the scary moment he was almost hit by a flare before those around her told her to get him out. 

"I was there with my son last night and at the end we were petrified, my son was almost hit by a flare," she said. 

"The supporters around us all started shouting get him out get him… so we literally ran up the stairs to get out. It was his second football match ever. I just hope it hasn’t put him off."

She said that she didn't feel the police or marshalls did enough to prevent the attack.

"The girl in the next row along was actually hit by the flare and her 'father' had a lot to say about it all the way back to the car park. The response from the police was “go home”… absolutely shocking. We felt really vulnerable."

Julie Moore echoed that it was a scary ordeal for children.

She said: "Vale supporters were throwing anything they could get their hands on at the Swindon supporters, very scary for all the small children in the crowd, and it was totally unprovoked."

Rob Ludlow was also there and described the situation as "out of control".

"Bottles and coins were thrown into the Swindon fans," he said. "I saw a flare thrown into the away section too. A good number of Vale fans went straight for the Swindon players as you could probably see from the videos. 

"The police and stewards did nothing," he claimed. "When the shoot out finished they may as well have not been there. It's probably my worst experience at a game since I started going in 2003."

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Christopher Pearson described having issues with his experience prior to the end of the match because of the club's treatment of his disabled friend, but things went from bad to worse.

"I’ve seen pitch invasions, goading and antagonising in the past, but that was the worst I've ever seen," he said.

"They bombarded us left right and centre, flares, bottles and other objects thrown at us, quite a lot of them and no one did anything to stop them."

Jason Haines was struck in the head with a bottle and received a wound just above his eye.

He said: "What happened after the game was disgusting, we all knew there’d be a pitch invasion, but a large number of Vale fans went straight towards the away end, goading the away fans. 

"After that, everyone just seemed to let it happen as if it was alright, I was struck by a bottle right above my left eye and started bleeding, I didn't know what had happened at the time.

"When I went to a steward to ask for first aid, they said ‘what do you want us to do about it.'"

Jason says he ended up getting treatment from the Swindon club physio at the team because none of the Vale Park staff would help him.

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Staffordshire Police has announced in a statement it is working with both clubs to investigate the violence towards a Swindon Town player but has said nothing about an attack on the away fans. 

A spokesperson from Port Vale confirmed that the club remains committed to taking the strongest possible action against anyone found guilty of being involved in criminal activities – including barring individuals from future games.