Residents of Royal Wootton Bassett are once again protesting building plans from a housing company to 'ruin' their natural areas.

Wainhomes have put in a planning application to move telecom masts into a wildlife corridor so as to not devalue the houses being built.

The company has previously submitted applications to build a residential area in the county park, which they own, but this has on multiple occasions been rejected.

Wainhomes has now also bought a wildlife corridor that runs on the Woodshaw estate side of Bincknoll Lane from the top of Stoneover Lane.

But Wainhomes are not the company building the housing development in question; Grove Farms is.

Swindon Advertiser: Masts are to be moved to increase value of new housesMasts are to be moved to increase value of new houses

In a new planning request, it is revealed that Grove Farms wants to move telecoms masts from across the road onto this wildlife corridor so as not to devalue the houses being built.

This would mean that two 18m masts and 12 cabinets would be moved from the road and into the narrow nature corridor.

One of the masts has already been moved despite residents' protests, and the plan to move the other is due to be reviewed from June 16.

In the application, it clearly states that one of the reasons for the move of these masts is to increase the value of the houses being built across the road from the nature corridor.

One resident, who wishes to stay anonymous, said: "But what about the older houses that have been there for 30 years? The value will decrease!

Swindon Advertiser: Residents have put up sign to oppose the new planning applicationResidents have put up sign to oppose the new planning application

"The poles will stick up among the trees and there will be constant buzzing from the electric boxes, which will be easily heard from the houses on the other side of the nature corridor."

The resident also expresses worry for the wildlife in the area, especially the bats, as no wildlife survey has been made in relation to this application.

Royal Wootton Bassett Councillor, Steve Bucknell, commented on Royal Wootton Bassett Environmental Group Facebook group and said: "This is not a normal planning application. It is an application under the General Permitted Development Order regulations.

"In short, some "developments" have been given special treatment by central government because they are deemed to be important infrastructure. Fibre optics, water & gas pipes, electric networks and telecoms masts all fall in this class."

He continued to say: "In essence, as I understand it, because the works are covered by the GPDO there is no need for planning permission unless the local planning authority identifies that the proposals may be contrary to one or more local planning policies."

People have argued against these claims, saying that the move of the masts wasn't essential as they were working as normal, and the 5G service has been proven to be worse if the masts were to be moved to the nature corridor. 

There are already several comments objecting to the planning application as people are angry that the first mast was moved without residents' consent.

People have until June 16 to express their thoughts on the planning application.The planning committee then has until July 11 to make a decision.

Wainhomes and Grove Farm have been contacted for a comment.