Swindon was full of colour over the weekend -and not just because of Union Jack bunting from the Jubilee.

Revellers at the Stratton St Margaret pub, The Rat Trap, were delighted to discover that celebrity Mr Motivator, in his bold colourful clothes, had popped in for a visit.

The popular TV fitness instructor, well known for his snazzy outfits, has clearly still got a taste for colour in his outfits if his recent visit to the Swindon watering hole is to go by. 

"We had a great party atmosphere over the weekend because of our Jubilee events but we were shocked when Mr Motivator came to join in," said landlord Marc Richardson. 

"He was here visiting a friend and came in for dinner but he had time for everybody, nothing was too much trouble, went around the whole pub to see everybody."

Swindon Advertiser: Linda Coles: "He's as wonderful in real life as he is on TV."Linda Coles: "He's as wonderful in real life as he is on TV."

The Adver's very own sports reporter Jonny Leighfield was there and had this to say about his brush with stardom,

"I had seen him at T20 Blast Finals day a couple of years back and he entertained the fairly drunk crowd with a routine or two.

"My friends and I enjoyed that at the time, so it was quite surreal to meet him in person a few years later."

Mr Richardson added that the brightly-coloured clothes wearing star would be welcome back anytime.

He added: "It was an absolute pleasure to have him in the building."