SWINDONIANS were given the chance to cash in when popular daytime TV personality David Dickinson came to town.

An episode of ITV's Dickinson's Real Deal was filmed at STEAM museum and locals were invited to bring a treasured antique or a collectable they no longer wanted to see if they could get a good price for it. 

The advert for the filming said: "Dickinson’s Real Deal is back on the road! David and the dealers are coming to STEAM’s Great Western Hall on Saturday, June 11.

"Bring your antiques, collectables, furniture, art, jewellery, memorabilia, toys, records, books and more, and you might bag yourself some cash!"

Swindon Advertiser:

But when the Adver went along, things were shrouded in secrecy - with the production crew not letting our reporter inside the building. 

We spoke to some of the people who went to the STEAM museum to try their luck but while they all said they had a great time, they weren't able to share many details of what happened. 

They also weren't able to talk about what the items they had decided to take and try to sell were.

Mark Yates-May, who is a fan of the show, took two items with him and left the site having struck a deal for both.

Swindon Advertiser:

He said: "I sold both of the items that I took. It was really well organised and run and the production staff were very friendly and nice people too. It was a great experience."

Flora Ann Boland was also there.

"I enjoyed my day at the Real Deal," she said. I watch this programme all the time, I never thought I would end up on this programme but I had something to sell for my brother.

"They were very interested in what we took in today. He had the price that he wanted for the item. We were pleased all around."

Items that don't sell to one of the dealers can be taken to auction. It is believed this will be happening on July 6. 

People have been told the episode itself will air towards the end of this year or in 2023.